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Masters Self Defense Centers, teaches both empty hand Kenpo Karate and various martial arts weapons, such as sword, staff, sai's, kama, tonfa and escrima. Some schools also offer tai chi as well. Almost no other form of exercise can be done at any time or any place without equipment as easily and as beneficial as the martial arts. People have joined the dojo's for many reasons such as fitness, entertainment, self-defense, stress relief, and mental health. People of all ages will benefit from the exercise that kenpo \ kempo and the martial arts offer, both in group and private lessons.

Kenpo Karate or Kempo Karate is a martial art that came to America through Hawaii from James Mitose in 1936. Mitose promoted six students to black belt, among them were William Chow and Thomas Young. According to William Chow his father Hoon Chow was his teacher and he and Mitose just exchanged information and Mitose never taught him. Professor Chow changed the name from kempo to kenpo and is perhaps the person most responsible for promoting Kenpo karate or kempo karate in the United States. Grandmaster Edmund Parker brought kenpo karate to the mainland in 1954. For more kenpo karate history go to our kenpo history page.